Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lease/Loan Organizer

This asset and lease accounting Excel workbook provides all you need to manage and keep track of up to 3,000 asset and capital lease accounting records. You can select straight line depreciation or declining/double declining deprecation methods for the Asset Register. You can export asset records from your current accounting package into Excel and copy the asset descriptions, purchase costs and dates of purchase straight into the Asset Register.

Each asset is defined by location (100 possible), asset class (100 possible), depreciation months and salvage percentage.

Individual assets can have their own unique depreciation life independently of the class assigned.

Everything is so easy with Excel. Excel links location, asset class, depreciation lives together and you can filter and sort records just anyway you want.

Depreciation totals are reported for any month end. Users can wind the month end date backwards or forwards to recalculate asset purchases, depreciation and book values by department and asset class for any selected date.

The Lease Register reports the repayment status, interest expense and remaining balances for up to 3,000 capital leases at any selected month end. Lease terms can include pre-payments and final balloon payments. Users can create up to 100 individual Master Lease ID categories with 3,000 sub-components or classify leases by Class or locations. Lease interest, outstanding balances and current month principal repayment are totalled for each single Master Lease ID.

You can simulate the results which will arise from changing any combination of repayment amount, interest rate or final balloon payment terms for any lease. Calculate the new final repayment month and the difference in interest expenses between the current repayment terms and adjusted terms for cost saving projections.