Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inventory Manager PRO For Excel

Inventory Manager provides manufacturing and operations decision support for inventory management and scheduling with Excel. Maximum 10,000 inventory items capacity.

Determine the best inventory re-order schedules (includes safety stocks), optimize the lowest cost re-order quantities, establish ordering frequencies and lot sizes, receive alerts when you need to re-order, includes seasonality, trends and forecasting, quality control inventory analysis. Improve efficiencies and enhance customer service with INVENTORY MANAGER PRO.
  • You can establish which inventory items should be re-ordered on a daily basis with INVENTORY MANAGER.
  • You can establish least cost ordering quantities with INVENTORY MANAGER taking account of storage costs, administration of purchasing costs and the cost of finance.
  • You can create Excel lists of inventories in categories and storage locations.
  • You can export inventory lists from QuickBooks (and Quattro Pro and barcode readers which interface with Microsoft Excel) to create your own inventory management control system which will include supplier delivery lead time, re-order quantities, safety levels.
  • When you want to evaluate buying inventory in larger quantities to gain volume discounts, use INVENTORY MANAGER to determine the inventory level s for each product item that will deliver profit gains after storage costs are taken into account.
  • Analyze quality control data of incoming stock with INVENTORY MANAGER Statistic spreadsheets.
  • Generate re-order schedules for all stock items.

Worked examples and full guidelines provided in a separate demo tutorial version download.

Seeking help to raise business finance? The CD edition provides the following extra document files:
  • Share Offering Memorandum pro-forma wording and layout to make it quick and easy for you to raise $1,000,000 new equity or loan capital.
  • Save $10,000 - $25,000 on legal fees. Just add the figures and your business plan into the document provided following the guidance notes.
  • Share subscription agreements are supplied.
  • Help provided for non US companies how to structure an offering to secure finance.
  • Popular with start ups, franchises, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • List of capital sources supplied.