Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cash Forecasting plus Leases Organiser - Cash Forecasting, Credit Controls, Scheduling

Cash Forecasting plus Leases OrganizerExcel Cash forecasting and management spreadsheets provides:
1. Cash Forecasting – 150 days spreadsheet, auto updating forecasts daily.
2. Cash Solvency Predictive Ratios
3. Cash Management spreadsheets
Cash forecasting spreadsheet provides a quick and easy way to transfer payable, receivable and fixed obligations into Excel, set aging days and Excel places each item into the exact day of settlement to forecast rolling cumulative cash flows.
Invaluable as cash forecasting spreadsheets.
Cash Solvency Prediction Spreadsheet. Need to know if your suppliers, customers, applicants for credit are financially strong or weak, use this workbook to analyze their strengths with built in Altman and Ohlsen formulae.
Cash Management. Manage payable, receivable accounts, invoice and settlement dates to calculate your forward working capital requirements.
Extra: Lease Organizer for Excel will manage all your leases for you.