Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Budget Forecaster & Expense Tracker Combo Package

Budget Forecaster for Excel® is a household budgeting and finance management software was designed for Microsoft Excel® lovers who prefer using Excel-based household budgeting software to a stand-alone application to manage their family finances.

These users tend to enjoy the convenience of managing their household finances with the help of this VBA Excel tool without having to learn a new household finance management software application
  • Track where your money goes See where your money goes by tracking your daily expenses by type.
  • Get a clear picture of where your money is going by week or by month.
  • Track your income, investments and expenses for the selected time period, and analyze your income allocation and expenses distribution with efficient Budget Forecaster software tools - all in one place.
  • View colorful detailed charts & graphs.
  • View colorful, detailed charts and graphs and see visually by category where your money goes. If you prefer to see where your expenses go in a colorful easy to read pie chart, you will enjoy this feature.