Thursday, October 7, 2010

Asset & Lease Accounting With Excel

Fixed Asset Accounting workbook provides all you need to keep track of a maximum 3,000 asset depreciation records, book values and disposals with Excel 97-2003. It will save you hours of work calculating MACRS depreciation for tax purposes and deferred tax balance values for any month end date. It also includes capital lease accounting.

You can select straight line depreciation or the declining/double declining deprecation methods.

You can wind the month end back and forwards to calculate accounting depreciation, MACRS depreciation and deferred tax balances at any month end. The default calculation period is the current month end.

The MACRS depreciation rates are variable. They are set for US tax depreciation rules but you can enter any MACRS rates into the database which will apply to your calculations.

In the first workbook each asset is defined by location, accounting depreciation life, MACRS class and salvage percentage.

Individual assets can have their own unique depreciation life.

Everything is so easy with Excel. Excel links location, asset class, depreciation lives together and you can filter and sort records just anyway you want.

Disposal accounting included.

The Lease accounting section reports repayment status, interest and remaining balances for all capital leases at any month end. Lease terms can include pre-payments and final balloon payments.

The Zip download is a 6.67 MB file. After downloading unzip the three Excel Asset Accounting workbooks including the tutorial edition. The MACRS accounting is provided in a separate workbook (No: 2). CD shipping is also an option.