Saturday, October 3, 2009

FinExcelSoft Safe Office

FinExcelSoft Safe Office - A set of financial, statistic Excel templates and software.


  1. 5, 10 and 15 Year Project Investment NPV and EVA Excel templates
    Source data: depreciated rate, tax rate, discount rate, fixed and current assets, sales of products, WACC, and more.

  2. Financial Excel templates - business valuation, forecast, securities, amortization, loans, annuities, investment.
  3. Statistic Excel templates - regression and correlation analysis, partial correlation.
  4. FES emailer - safe POP3 email client with many features including: SPAM blocker, resender from one email account to another one, safe saving of emails - with 2048 bit encoding, multiple passwords, and much more. Allows to remove emails without downloading them.
  5. FES Notes - text editor with 2048 bit encoding, multiple passwords. Allows to safely save financial documents, passwords and so on.
  6. FES alarm - allows to set a month, day, year, hours, and minutes and track the time.
  7. Safe Web Browser - allows to download web pages, remove any dangerous
    content (scripts and more) from them, save them and pass them to default web browser.
  8. Alarm-Clock.
  9. Allows to encode the files with 2048 bit key.
  10. Accounting Excel add-in - accounting with hierarhic data. You may define several levels of hierarchy in your Excel list.
For example: assemblies, units, packs, details, subdetails, and so on. This add-in contains about 250 VBA macros.
Allows to set hierarchic and other dependencies between columns of your list(s).
And when you enter your data, this add-in will track these dependencies and offer you to correct your data.
Use this add-in for your data entry and save your accounting time!
Also, allows easy pivot table and subtotals creation, has a timer and more. This add-in is supplied by your inquiry within 1 day.

Special requirements: MS Excel 2000 or later. Platform: Windows 98 or later.