Saturday, October 3, 2009

FES emailer

FES emailer - POP3 emailer with anti-SPAM, mass email, re-sender, and encryption tools.

Allows to send selected emails to another e-mail box, to encrypt all saved input and output e-mails with several user defined 2048 bit keys, to load 20, 200, 1000, or all rows of an email from POP3 server, to send personified email to many recipients, to remove e-mails without downloading, to archive old e-mails, to find an email in input, output and archive folders. and more.

And free addition: safe web viewer using default web browser and saver. This program can remove all active content from a web page - images, scripts, applets, objects, styles, and more before viewing. You will receive the register key within 1 day.