Saturday, October 3, 2009

CreateCallBack (CreatefunctionCallBack)

You must create your callback windows functions for C (c++, c#) manually. Why? CreateCallBack will generate it automatically with adding all identifiers of this dialog using your resource.rc file!
  • You will need just add your code for your events.
  • Allows to save your time and to work with the comfort.
  • Create the dialog windows fast and easy! All you need is MS Word.
  • Run MS Word and open resource.rc file.
  • Then open callback.doc file and copy the text of your resource file to this document.
  • Then click on the "CreateCallBack" button.
  • Alternatively you can run "CreateCallBack" macro.
  • Then enter the dialog name in dialog window and the work is done! Just paste your callback function to your Visual C project.